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Embark on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos with 'Interstellar Mosaic' – a captivating masterpiece that weaves together the threads of our cosmic existence. Set against a profound black backdrop, a golden square unfolds, revealing a mesmerizing mosaic of the solar system, an island oasis, a lone figure, and the enigmatic New Man.


This celestial tapestry is an homage to the Voyager Golden Record, a visual symphony that communicates our essence to the universe. 'Interstellar Mosaic' invites you to explore the interconnectedness of worlds, both celestial and earthly. The golden square, a beacon of universal language, unfolds a narrative of our place in the grand cosmic symphony.


Limited in availability, this artwork promises to be a statement piece that transcends time and space. Elevate your space with the cosmic allure of 'Interstellar Mosaic,' a testament to the beauty of our shared existence.


Grasp the opportunity to make 'Interstellar Mosaic' a celestial centerpiece in your collection. Immerse yourself in the golden symphony that echoes our cosmic journey. Illuminate your surroundings with the universal harmony of 'Interstellar Mosaic.'

Interstellar Mosaic

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